Shelby Hollins

Austria is an interesting country because the people have a lot of different languages, lots of unemployment, and various ethnic groups. It seems like it would be a fun place to visit some day they also have lots of major rivers. I might consider going there someday just to find out more about them. Austria has got some very big buildings that might be cool to walk into and study. They also allow you to an education.

Some of the languages spoken there are Turkish and Serbian. The main language spoken world wide in Austria is German. Croatian is also spoken in Austria, I've never heard of that language but it would nice to study it. I would like to study the different languages spoken before I'd ever visit there. These are the languages spoken in Austria now you know so you can learn more about them. You might even consider trying to learn them. I know I would love to learn them.

Although Austria may seem like a rich country it actually has several people without jobs. Over one hundred twenty people who have jobs but, the rest of the people are without jobs. Eight and a half of the of the men in Austria are without jobs and are trying there hardest to get by and support their families. Eight percent of the women are trying to get jobs to support their families. Lots of the people in Austria are living in hotels and apartments. Most of the people go to homeless shelters to get food so they want starve. I would like to donate somethings to the people in Austria, and help out with the people there.

Ethnic groups there are huge they include Muslims, Austrians, Yugoslavs, Turks, German, and some are unspecified. All of these are located in Austria the main religion studied there is Yugoslavs. It would be real nice to study these ethnic groups and find out more about them. Muslim is a type of Islam religion it has over one hundred people who study it there. Most of the religious groups that are study in Austria are huge groups.

In conclusion I've talked to you about the different languages, the employment, and the ethnic groups. Now you can go study on more things about Austria and maybe write you an essay on Austria. Austria would be a very nice place on vacation to and try some of there food and visit some of there major rivers. You might even want to go check out some of there big buildings and study them as well. Austria's government is also very amazing it would be nice to find out more on the government also.

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