Southern Colonies

By: Aurora Gordon Hr.

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These are the thirteen colonies but, this  is about the Southern Colonies. Such as Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. The Southern Colonies have some history.

The climate in the Southern Colonies is warm and moist, which means perfect for growing crops.  The warmer climate is a positive factor for the colonists in the Southern Colonies. You don't really worry as much about surviving cold winters.

This is a caption of people farming tobacco and rice


The Southern colonies were the best place to farm. They had hot, humid summers and mild winters, perfect for a year round growing season. They had a plethera of crops, leading to cash crops. Farming was the best source of food for the Southern Colonies. There were 3 main crops

  1. Tobacco
  2. Rice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Slaves are a big part of the plantations. Since the land is in such large amounts, there needed to be more than a simple family to run it, so the colonies are looking to African Americans.Since African Americans are looked down at as lessers to the people, they served the purpose of a slave. Normally, they worked in groups of about 20.

The Industry of the Southern Colonies

The plantations in the Southern Colonies grow cash crops (tobacco, rice, indigo). Plantation owners are called planters. Some are cruel and others are kind. The overseer watches the field slaves and make sure that they worked hard.