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In Canada, they have what some people call a melting pot. others call it it multiculturalism or an acceptance of all cultures.There has been all different cultures that have contributed to make Canada what it is today. The Canadians of the First Nations are descendents of the first settlers from Asia. A good part of these people are refugees from all over the world. Some examples are Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  Some reasons they have fled the country they are from are war, famine,etc.

Now let's talk about Canada's government a little. For starter's they have a constitutional monarchy. It's a constitution to explain the powers of the government and owe allegiance to a monarch , a king or a queen. The British monarch is Canada's head of state. he or she selects a governor-general as a representative. they represent the historical traditions of Canada. Also Canada's legislature is called Parliament. here in the U.S.A; we have a president, in Canada, they have a prime minister and he runs the executive branch within the legislature. Last but not least in Canada, they have the Charter of Rights. It's similar to are U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights.

Now in Canada, there are some people who are separatists, people who want the province of Quebec to become an independent country. Federal government want Quebec to remain part of Canada. Quebec is a big part of Canada's economy so in a attempt to satisfy the separatists, Canada federal government passed the Canadian Multicultural Act in 1988. This act guarantee's the right of all Canadians to preserve thier cultural heritage.

Canada has lot's goods to export to other country's.Canada's main goods they export are:wood and paper products,fuel,minerals,aluminum,wheat and oil. most of there imports are from the United States.

many folks in Canada are bilingual or speak two languages. Canada is kind of like a different version of the United States of America. We both have immigrants from all over. We both have music. We are both like a melting pot. We are almost like brothers with how much similarity we have with Canada

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Canada some of the basics

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