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1. Ethan Nguyen is sleeping in the car while the harsh winds and rain beat against the car. Then suddenly, a HUGE bolt of lighting lights the night sky. The thunder is like a marching band of drummers beating on drums but 100 times louder! Ethan wakes up to a jump when the lightning sounds like a explosion of electricity.

2. Ethan Nguyen is playing a nice game of minecraft my sister wants me to play with her. She wants to play on the iPad with me, but when I get it out, her takes it and runs. I chase her all around the house and she is fast. But then she stops and gives me the iPad. I grab it and then she grabs my hair and yells, "I WANT A PIGGY BACK RIDE!"

3. Ethan Nguyen is playing the game Destiny on the x-box when he realizes that the tv is zoomed in a lot. He looks for the remote but cannot find it. He looks and looks but cannot find it. Then he hits his head when he looks under the table. He gets mad and the stubs his toe. He is getting really mad now and now dropped his controller on his hurt toe.