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Pictured above Judge Tim Wright in Williamson County, Texas. Wright is accused of selling seven guns to a known felon. He bought the guns under false pretenses saying he was buying them for himself. He faces federal weapons charges and all his guns, passport and his concealed handgun license were confiscated by the federal judge presiding over the case . He isn't allowed to travel outside of Travis, Hays and Williamson Counties by a court order.

This is Michael brown he was 18 years old when he was shot and killed by a policeman named Darren Wilson in  2014 in his hometown of Ferguson, Missouri. Michael brown stole several packs of cigarettes from a convenience store and ran. He was confronted by Wilson who shot Brown 12 times, killing him. Brown was unarmed. The court found the Wilson not guilty and his charges were cleared. After the shooting thousands took to the streets rioting and protesting. In more recent news, the family of Michael brown is suing the authorities of Ferguson for $75,000 in damages. The family is reported to have found new forensic evidence and the case is being reopened in court

A girl named Cassandra C. who lives in Connecticut was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma a type of cancer. Doctors prescribed her with chemotherapy treatment and said without this treatment she could die within two years. Cassandra refused the treatment and said she would rather use alternative treatment and not have chemicals put into her body. Her family sued the state state of Connecticut for the right to make her own medical decisions and not undergo chemotherapy. The supreme court found that Cassandra was too immature to be able to make her own decisions and ruled that she is required to take the chemotherapy. The reasoning behind the court decision was in prior instances Cassandra had run away and tried to escape chemotherapy treatment multiple times. The Department of Children and Families found that there was medical neglect and removed her from her mothers care and received temporary custody over her. Currently her cancer is in remission and she is still confined to the hospital.

This is the logo for Southwestern University, it is a liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas.

The Honor Oath taken during testing: "As a student of Southwestern I hereby pledge my full support to the Honor Code. I pledge to be honest myself, and in order that the spirit and integrity of the Honor Code may endure, I pledge that I will make known to the Honor Code Council any case of academic dishonesty which I observe at Southwestern."

The Honor Pledge written and signed on all assignments : "I have acted with honesty and integrity in producing this work and am unaware of anyone who has not."

The honor code is a pledge and written oath that a student cites or writes to affirm that they will not cheat and do any act of academic dishonesty. The consequences of breaking the honor code depend on how big or small the violation is. Some punishments could be probation, expulsion, fees and fines, loss of privileges or mandated counseling.

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