who was Alfred Wegener?

Alfred Wegener was a German polar researcher, geophysicist and meteorologist. He proposed that the continents had once been joined, and over time had drifted apart.




coming closer together

transform boundaries:

Tending to be different or develop in different directions

Two tectonic plates that slide alongside each other

Rift Zone

Feature of some volcanoes, especially shield volcanoes, in which a linear series of fissures in the volcanic edifice allows lava to be erupted from the volcano's flank instead of from its summit.

Subduction zone

Biggest smash-up on Earth, marking the collision between two of the planet's tectonic plates, the pieces of crust that slowly move across the surface over millions of years

What plate is just off the coast of Washington?

The Juan De Fuca changes the sea floor by spreading it out and creating new sea floor. That also makes the chance of earthquakes slimmer and slimmer, therefore decreasing the amount of earthquakes in the cascade area.

What role does that tectonic plate have on the formation of the Cascades?

The Channeled Scabland was created when the Ice Age floods accelerated across the tilted surface of the Palouse slope, causing massive erosion. Much of the eroded sediment was carried all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

What are convection currents and the role they play in plate tectonics?

Large convection currents in the aesthenosphere transfer heat to the surface, where plumes of less dense magma break apart the plates at the spreading centers, creating divergent plate boundaries.