Job Purpose

An Orthodontist is someone that you may need in your life one day, they take care of dental problems. If you have really bad teeth and need them to become straight orthodontist's are there to fix them. They specialize in helping people and are gentle with their work so they can get it done and less long lasting for their patient. They cure peoples problems with teeth, and are very useful.


Do become an Orthodontist you must have these Qualifications...

Education- You need to spend at least four years at a dental school of your choice.

Technology Skills-  Calendar and scheduling software, graphics or photo imaging software, internet browser software, and medical software.

Abilities- Problem sensitivity, Arm-Hand steadiness, deductive reasoning, finger dexterity, inductive reasoning, near vision, oral comprehension, oral expression, speech clarity, and written comprehension.

Personal Characteristics- Oriented, Sensitive, and Patient.


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2 years ago

It's probably me but I think that gross but you got me wanting to be an orthodontist.😄

2 years ago

I could't be and orthodontist because i think its gross thouching strangers mouths but that's me😷