Bienvenido a Cuba

Translation : Welcome to Cuba

Ahhh, Cuba, A nice communist nation, surrounded by ocean! What? You didn't know that Cuba had a communist government? Then good job clicking on this Tackk, its time to learn all about Cuba!

      First of all, the country basics, the name of the country is obviously Cuba, and its capital is Havana. Their most spoken language is Spanish, which the title is written in, with English coming in second. It's an island in Central America surrounded by the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean. The flag has 3 different blue lines, 3 different white lines, and a red triangle with a star in the middle on the right. The blue lines stand for the  3 old divisions of the island, central, occidental, and oriental. The white lines represent the purity of the independence ideal, and the triangle shows liberty, equality, and fraternity, while the red color represents blood shed in the independence struggle. The white star  that's called La Estrella Solitaria (or the lone star) lights the Cuban way to freedom. phew, that was a lot of flag stuff wasn't it? Cuba's population is only a average, They are rated 78 with a population of 11,047,251.

  Now onto geography, Cuba's highest mountain range is the Sierra Maestra, and Pico Turquino is there and at 1,999 m. is the highest point in Cuba. One of Cuba's landmarks is Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara, it honors Che Guevara, Castro's legendary revolutionary partner, its a giant statue of Che Guevara, with some of his remains (Ashes, a body, etc.). Colina Lenin is another monument, It honers Lenin's death and is the oldest statue of Lenin outside of the soviet union. Those are two of the MANY Cuban landmarks. The two major bodies of water that Cuba is in is the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean.

Now, time for culture, what do normal Cuban's wear? Women usually wear short skirts or tight jeans and a blouse or t-shirt called a "Pull-over" in Cuba. The men wear jeans or cotton pants and a t-shirts or a Guayabera. Cubans listen to many music that's influenced by West African and European (especially Spanish) music. Cuban music is often considered the most influential regional and rich musics in the world. Examples include the salsa, and rhumba. Cuban's have many holidays! They have January 1 Triumph of the Revolution, January 2 Victory of Armed Forces Day, date varies Good Friday, May 1 Labor Day, July 25 Day before the Commemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison, July 26 Commemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison (Official name means "Day of the National Rebellion"), July 27 Day after the Commemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison, October 10 Beginning of the Independence War, and December 25 Christmas. Now on to religion, most Cuban's are Roman catholic. What do Cuban's do for fun? First of all, music and dancing is a very big way to keep yourself entertained. They also swim, fish, take walks, and play sports (Especially baseball.). They also like books, movies, painting, and making handcrafts. Lots of Cubans are great at cooking and DIY projects. They also like dominoes. And finally, what sports do Cubans play? Well, they have 3 basketball teams and baseball team, a cricket and softball team,  futsal team and 2 handball teams, a Davis Cup team, a Fed Cup team, a football and a softball team, 2 volleyball teams, and 2 water polo teams. Well, now you know lots about Cuba, go and impress someone.


Cuba's flag
A map of cuba
Colina Lenin

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