Starts with "L"



1.) What actions did you run on your photos?

Pride: Nice and Easy and Warmer.

Starts with "L": Nice and Easy and Warmer.

Vision: Nice and Easy and Warmer.

Freedom: Sharpen.

2.) Why did you run these actions?

Pride: When I took the picture it was very light and I wanted the same amount of light in the picture so I used the action Warmer five times.

Starts with "L": I wanted the picture look calm so I used Nice and Easy.

Vision: I wanted the picture to look old fashion so I used the Action Warmer three times.

Freedom: This picture I didn't use and any beside sharpen, because that is all the picture needed.

3.) Which is your favorite photo? WHY

Vision. I like this picture because it looks really old fashion.

4.) Which is your least favorite photo? WHY

Starts with "L." I don't like this picture because I feel like it doesn't fit the theme.