Mason Robinson core 3

Meditation is easy when watching but when attempting it you realize that clearing your mind is very difficult. We sat quietly with good posture to open up the chakras in your body. Breathed in through your nose and out through the mouth to oxygenate your blood to relax yourself. We closed our eyes and cleared our minds and opened a door to relaxation and peace. We tried basic meditation, guided meditation, and relaxation meditation.

Meditation to me, before i ever meditated, i thought it was simple and easy to do but when i tried it for the first time it was the hardest thing I've done in school all week. When you try to clear your mind everything that you can think of pops up in your head and i had to get by that and open the door to relaxation. When i was meditating i thought to myself how i was going to clear my head and not think of anything when i know everything is going to pop into my head but then i got past that and just relaxed. I would try basic meditation on my own because i know that if i need to relax and calm down meditation will work and it's fun to.

meditation- a way to reach your mind and soul and to truly relax and find peace to me.

mantra- a word that means a lot to you and makes you happy to help you concentrate and relax.

deep breathing- a way to bring oxygen to the brain and let it gently fall asleep until you have no way to think.

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