Chain Reaction

Science themed amusement and water park

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About Us

Chain Reaction is a science themed amusement and water park  that is located in Sacramento, CA. Here we have thrilling rides like the the Evaporator and many other rides along with the amusement park. We have delicious cuisine at our food court named the Chemistry Cafe. Some of the restaurants we have  in the Chemistry Cafe consist of  Panera, Ledo's Pizza, Jimmy Johns, Chick-fil-A, AppleBz  California Pizza Kitchen

Prices, hours, rides, and contact numbers are listed bellow.

Child all day pass: $26.00

Adult all day pass:$48.00

Child Half Day Pass:$28.00

Adult Half day pass:$36.00

Family exclusive all day pass:$108.00


Precipitation Nation

Mars Cars

The Flying Electron

Cohesive Coaster

The Cycle

Lazy River

River Rapids

Chain Reaction

The height limit for The flying Electron, Cohesive Coaster, River Rapids, and Chain Reaction is 4'6"


Monday-Thursday  10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Friday-Saturday : 9:00-11:00pm


Park Address

8426 Amusement road Sacramento, CA


Contact us at...


With any questions or concerns please contact us at


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