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Judaism is the monotheistic belief of one all powerful and all knowing God. Judaism originated in the middle east in 1250 BC, during a time of heavy polytheistic beliefs among others (believing in multiple gods). the holy book of the Jewish people is the Torah, and their leadership by the rabbi. The faith of Judaism for example believes a man named Abraham of 2,000 BC was the father of the Israelite people and had made a promise/covenant with god. According to Judaism, the Israelites were placed with purpose, to fulfill obligations and duties, be faithfully obedient to God, and the land of Jerusalem would belong to them, also called the promised land. The religion consists of 10 commandments as a life guide to obedience, such as "thou shall not murder." and a teaching of an ethical worldview, moral standards of behavior. for example, the rich protects the poor. Judaism sees their leaders as fully human and "bound to obey gods law." the spending of the Jewish people, called Diaspora. wherever settled, the Jewish people maintained identity, hence the spread worldwide.

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