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This tackk was created by Kelly Meyering with assistance from Erin Culpepper.

What is a Digital Footprint?

Filling out a form, sending an email to a friend, posting a photo, and pretty much everything one does online – even the simple act of visiting a website or using a search engine – leaves a trail. This trail, called a digital footprint, is made of bits and pieces of information on one’s computer and on other computers and servers around the world, which allow other people to learn about you.

-Taken from the Trillion-Dollar Footprint lesson found on Common Sense Media.

Building Block 1: Digital Access

Building Block 2: Digital Commerce

Do you know a good deal versus a good $ale$ pitch?

Building Block 3: Digital Communication

Join the TodaysMeet room and respond to the following question:

What are some different ways we can communicate with our students?

Building Block 4: Digital Literacy

According to a 2012 study by cloud company Citrix, 51% of people think bad weather affects cloud computing, and over 95% of respondents didn't think they had ever used the cloud.

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Building Block 5: Digital Etiquette

Building Block 6: Digital Law

Plagiarism, illegal downloading of music and movies, etc. Identity theft, SPAM, etc.

Building Block 7: Digital Rights & Responsibilities

Freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world

Building Block 8: Digital Health & Wellness

Building Block 9: Digital Safety

Many people are unaware that they are putting themselves at risk of danger when posting on their favorite social media sites.  



Digital citizenship: Using technology appropriately

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