Nikki Lara core 3

What we did in meditaion

On the day of the mediation we did three activity's and they were awesome. One of them was how to breathe probably and how to have a good posture. We also did the Mantra and write our three things we liked and the three things we did not like. We got on our back and Mr.Halkuff told us that we had to imagine things he told us. We tried out how to breathe and when we breathed out we had to say the word "Aum" that is what we did. We also tried to bend down and just breathe for a minute or sometimes fifty seconds. On the meditation we also did something else and it was us on the floor and trying to sleep or most of us were sleeping. That is what we did and this was awesome and I felt so relaxed.

MY feelings

Before you told us about the mediation i thought that you only just breathe in and out but after we find out it ended up to be harder than i thought. When heard that we were going to meditate i felt so happy about it and when I got home i ran to my mom and said i was so happy about it. When you told us I told everybody in my family more than ten times. The meditation made up my day and i felt so glad that i was in your class. During the meditation I felt so relaxed and felt like falling asleep. During the mediation i was super relaxed and I wish i could never leave. It made me leave all my problems behind and it was amazing. While mediating i was not really thinking of anything and i was just relaxing and feeling super calm. I would try mediating again because it made me feel more relaxed and it all the problems behind. The mediation can help you in many ways and it helped me a lot. Mediation was really relaxing and yes i would try it again and i am glad having you as a teacher.

Define them!

Meditation: Is when you relax and let all the problems behind and don't think about nothing and it had to be quit while mediating.

Mantra: Is when a word,a phrase and a sound that is repeated more than one time.

Deep breathing; Is when you breathe in and then you breathe out your mouth. When you breathe you hold you belly button and then you breathe for three seconds and then breathe out for three seconds.

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