A Fantasy World for the Little Angels

Children are inquisitive by nature; they love to learn by exploring. They enjoy learning by doing. The learning is permanent and everlasting if it involves all the five senses viz. Smell, taste, touch, hear and see. Hence the educational atmosphere should give ample opportunities to exploit all the five senses of the child in teaching- learning process. During the early years, children should get such manipulative toys and puzzles, which give wings to their creativity and imagination. Forcing a child to write at such tender years is a strict “no, no,” rather they should be given ample opportunities to scribble freely using all the colours from the palette. Stories are an effective tool to imbibe the basic values and to make the toddlers learn basic concepts in an innovative and interesting manner. It also helps in enhancing their language skills by widening the vocabulary. Rhymes also help children to learn basic concepts in a musical, fun-filled manner.

Essentials of an ideal preschool:

A preschool should in the first place have a warm and conducive environment for a healthy all round development. The class strength should be low to ensure every child gets individual attention. The preschool should have a spacious play area and ideally a garden blossoming with colourful and vibrant flowers. The basic equipment should include swings, slides, sea-saw, toys, puzzles, colours, clay, crayons; all in bright colours.

The environment should be as lively as possible; with walls and furniture; painted with cartoons, fruits, vegetable etc. The idea is that the more the child visualises the objects; the more he can relate with it. Even the classrooms can be decorated with a particular theme such as “universe”, or “sea beach,” to make the child visualise the objects related with them. Learning should be through audio-visual aids such as LCD, tape recorders, finger puppets, puppets, models etc.; to make the learning interesting and everlasting.

Apple Tree preschool is one of the leading names in the field of preschool that promises to cater the best in this regard. They ensure the child enters the world of learning full of laughter and love; the idea is to make the child comfortable in the new environment. They believe in the uniqueness of the child and ensure a child-centred learning. These preschools are supported by passionate, dedicated and talented staff for whom teaching is not a work, but a career demanding complete dedication.

Ideal day-care centre:

When the both the parents are working, the major area of concern is about the care of the little ones. A good Connecticut day care keeps up the promise to provide safe nurturing environment and educational support for the little ones. They ensure the child gets full support; emotionally, socially and educationally. The dedicated staffs are especially passionate about children. They take care of age-specific need of the child from sleeping to feeding to learning and maintain basic health and hygiene.

Collaborative efforts of preschools and day care centres along with the parents; ensure healthy all round development of children. The attempt is to create an interest in the learning at this tender age which paves the way for further learning in the years ahead!

About The Author

Marsha Adams is an expert in child development and education and is the owner of one of the most celebrated Pittsburgh daycarecenters as well. Her facility – EarlyEducationPros.org is the best place to enroll your children at to provide them with the right kind of upbringing.