Dr J S Rajkumar’s Innovation Of Using Google Glass In Surgeries

I and my four friends working as software engineer in Cognizant Technologies, Chennai. We all are living in flat allocated by the company. We have a daily schedule of waking at 8 am in the morning, getting ready for office and coming back to flat at 9 pm after roaming around in nearby area. Due to unhygienic and junk food, one of my friends becomes obese. As we all healthier as compared to our college days, so we took his obesity as the reason for the same. But when his obesity level crossed the danger. We consulted general physician, he suggested some weight reducing pills, but that pills did not work as they were supposed to be. After 2 months, we consulted Dr J S Rajkumar, the Laparoscopic Surgery Operator, we are not ready for the surgery that can reduce weight .My friend current weight is 108kg . Dr J S Rajkumar claimed that 40kg can be reduced after the surgery but we are not ready to believe it. We thought it was way of fooling us. To our surprise, Dr J S Rajkumar showed the Google Glass which help us to see the whole surgery live. Dr J S Rajkumar. He further explained us that the Google Glass has basic connectivity where the operation is performed. Dr J S Rajkumar gave the assurance that if there is any doubt or require help, the Google Glass enable me to the help from another surgeon. We are fully convinced by the method and surgical procedure. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted the surgery and we are able to visualize the surgery through the help of Google Glass. We really appreciated Dr J S Rajkumar procedure.