Smart board grants for special education classrooms "Keep special ed students engaged in their learning" 3/3/2005 Good background and citations for grant applications. M600 - two touch points. Probably slightly cheaper. 800 series - four touch points. Probably more expensive. Fact sheet: SMARTtech education home page. Different models of boards, prices, descriptions.  Closing the Gap with Assistive Technology"  University of Washington resource - assistive tech   Search for grants in Oregon SMARTtech white paper on smartboards used in special education classrooms SMARTtech presentation on boards in sped clasrooms  SMARTtech grant resources.  Searchable database,  Extensive information on grant writing - tips, where to apply, how to phrase your requests,  How and where to start   Subscription costs for grant finding website  "Find funds fast for K12 schools"   PBS classroom resources - includes interactive white board plans LOTS of information on how to use smart boards, lessons, troubleshooting,  Free downloadable white board tools download "20 cool things you can do with your smartboard" PDF download "10 little-known tricks for SMART notebook 14" Scholastic SMARTboard lessons Grant application ideas from Scholastic and SMART together.