Graduation Project:
                Bailey Frye & Blaine Efaw

Graduating                       Leaving Early
Pros:                                  Pros:

- You have a degree                                              - You could be making a lot of money

- Further education                                               - More experience

- Have a steady Job after the Pros                       - Better competition

- Have time to mature                                           

- Learn how to maintain money

Cons:                                 Cons:

- You may miss out on an opportunity                 - No degree

- Chance of getting injured                                  - Not mature in the "big leagues"

- Competition may worsen                                  - Not guaranteed millions

Who Has a Degree?

- Michael Jordan

- Shaquille O'Neal

- Juwan Howard

- Vince Carter

Who Left Early?

- LeBron James

- Kobe Bryant

- Kevin Garnett

- Dwight Howard

Who is Successful?

- Michael Jordan (College) Net Worth: $1 Billion, Jordan Brand Clothing, Nike

- LeBron James (No College) Net Worth: $270 Million, LeBron Shoes

- Kobe Bryant (No College) Net Worth: $260 Million, Kobe Shoes

- Shaquille O'Neal (College) Net Worth: $350 Million, Vitamin Water, Muscle Milk, Many More

- Bill Russell (College) Net Worth: $10 Million, BUT 11 Rings in 13 Seasons**


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