Game Idea

Empire of Beasts

Core Dynamics - Building, Spatial Reasoning,Territorial Acquisition, Survival, Collection, Destruction

WII U Features to use - Touch screen, Traditional buttons, Motion controls, Camera, Microphone, Front facing speakers

Verbs - Squeeze and boast

Visual style - 3D Anime

The game will be a tycoon game about running a zoo for animals real and mythical. But it will also be a strategy RPG game about becoming the best zoo between your friends, containing the ability to sabotage and attack others zoos and having to defend your own. The combat will mostly be controlled by giving orders to your squads of animals through the WII U touch screen and watching the battle unfold on the main screen. The more significant portion of the game however will be spent trying to make your zoo better and attracting more customers. Animals will have to be cared for through one on one interaction which is when the touch screen, camera and microphone and motion controls will come into play.

Unique Selling Points

  • Age rating - Family friendly age rating, game for everyone
  • Choice - Players can customise their zoo to their liking and give animals different cosmetic looks and items with statistics boosts
  • Visual style - 3D Anime style which will appeal to many people and families as it looks friendly
  • Genre - Is a tycoon strategy game, a fairly untouched market
  • Mechanics - Using the WII U technology to maximum capacity to create new gameplay opportunities and make consumers feel they are getting their consoles worth