Hong Kong Protests

This week in Hong Kong there were thousands of protestors. The citizens of Hong Kong were protesting because the top civil position of Chief Executive election was only allowing Beijing-vetted candidates. The people in the roads and streets were looking for a say in their government. The protestors were tear gassed by the government, so the protestors came with masks and thick clothing for when the government fights back. The police injured 56 people so far, so the government is taking this situation seriously.

This story relates to authority and maintaining social order.

The story relates to authority because the citizens of Hong Kong do not find the Government legitimate at this time. The citizens do not agree with what the Government is doing. They think that it is unfair that they are being discriminated against.

This story relates to maintaining social order because the Government is taking the necessary steps to stop this protest. This protest is dangerous because the protests are taking place in the streets and firetrucks, ambulances, and other emergency equipment can not get to places they need to get to, which is a big problem. The government needs to  take control of the situation, and tear gas and pepper spray is necessary because it is for safety reasons.

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