Self censorship.
Unfinished business that was never attended to.
We are the waiters at a restaurant.
Our problems,
the things we need to get out from inside us,
are waiting to be taken care of.
We get cold feet
and don’t take care of the customer
because our boss is watching,
ready to judge us at anything we do.

That boss could be anyone or anything.
Our parents,
our teachers,
our peers,
or families,
or even our friends.
We avoid taking care of our problems properly
because of who is around us.
We are afraid to be ourselves
because we are afraid of judgement.
We censor ourselves and hid our problems
so hopefully no one will know.

Our problems and opinions do matter.
If there is something to be said,
speak up and voice your opinion
like a bluebird in the early morning.
Speak up against what is wrong
and protest for what is right.
Live with confidence
and don’t let the people around you take your voice or your mind and say no to you.

Because we are young
you may think we can’t change things.
You may think our opinions don’t matter.
You may think our problems aren't worthy enough to solve.
But you are terribly wrong.
Our problems and opinions
shaped this world we have today.
Our parents,
our grandparents,
our ancestors,
all shaped this world
because of their problems and opinions.

Take a stand
and yell from the mountains,
tell the flocks of people,
what you believe
and what you are fighting for.
Shape this world with your voice,
your actions,
your problems,
and your opinions
because they matter.
They are worth the world.

So you may be wondering to yourself,
What do I do now?
Where do I go?
Who should I talk to?
What now?!

I have one answer for you my friend.

Go I say,
go and be the change in the world
you want to see.
Do what needs to be done
and say
what needs to be said.
Do good for this world
because of your problems and opinions.
Now go.

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