hungry shark evolution



if you want to learn about this game read this will learn about how to get sharks.types of sharks and how to play´´

tipes of sharks

Did you know there are 10 types of sharks.there are 7 types of sharks they are the arresife the marrajo the hamer head the tiger shark the White shark the megalodon and the big daddy.there are others 3 sharks that are the space sharks one throw rays the other throw ice and the other can fly.the space sharks don´t sabe your level whe you lose.Did you know my favorite shark is the big daddy because it can eat all.there are many cool sharks.

how to play

Did you know there are two ways to play?there are two ways to play,one way is movin the ipad and the other way is moving the finger in the ipad.Did you know my favorite way to play is moving the finger in the can play in the ipad iPod iPhone and Samsung. playing it is easy

how to get sharks

to complete the game you need to get all the sharks.
You get sharks by getting coins and pasing to level 10.
When you get to level 10, you can see how much they cost.
Did you know the big daddy costs 250,000.
Did you know the big daddy can eat all.
Getting sharks is difficultt


I hope that you like it and i think you learn

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