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Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
Philadelphia, PA
Computer Science Class
By:Daniel Haire

Napoleon Bonaparte III: My research

I choose Napoleon because he's short, awesome, cool, and a bite of jokester. Most of my intelligence of Napoleon came from Assassins Creed Unity. Which is the best game I ever played. It made Napoleon come out as a wonderful and awesome person to me. Personally he would be my first choice to be on my team if there was a war, and Alexander the great as a runner up. Napoleon is just a very cool undersize man. I admire him for beings so short, but having such tall personality!

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2 years ago

Spectacular Job! Best HFFP I have seen in the last 4 years! Make sure you double check the Tackk for grammar and spelling issue, but overall a really good job! KUDOS! - Mr. S

2 years ago

BTW...If you add the pictures as a "Multiple Picture" layout, they will take up less space on the page. Ask me tomorrow and I will show you how!