It seems to be more competitive and physical. When I look at football I am not only waiting for the big play, but every now and then I am waiting to see a defensive or offensive player get hit in the mouth or taken down with such force that it causes me to open my mouth in amazement. Anytime you see a tackle or hit, and the crowd collectively screams in excitement, then it was a huge play. Fans want to see players hit hard sometimes (not to the point where it causes physical injury) but it heightens the excitement. With basketball the only exciting moments are dunks, and the occasional buzzer beating shot. Usually the game slows down because there are too many fouls which means seeing free throw shots.

Practice self-control and understand that patience is a virtue. Some NBA referees make every basketball player seem like a Hollywood actor with the current flopping epidemic in the league. What could be worse than an oblivious referee? Things like this… If you don’t have the patience to play through games where referees make imaginary calls, basketball might not be a good fit for you.

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