The gardener by S. A. bodeen

lucky estrada

evolution is change or adapt to something the gardener is trying to gets the kids to be autotrop0hs so they can mate and make more autophs

heterotroph is an oranganism that cannot fix carbon and uses oranic carbon for growth the kids cant feed themselves

photosynthesis is processed used by a plant and other organisms to convert light energy they try to make the kids not to eat

autotrophs are self feeders its important to the to trying to get kids to be autotrophs by not giving them food or water their food is the sun.

What two questions i picked were why was mason's mom keeping secrets from him cause she didnt want him to join trodyn

the other question was why was the girl saying the gardener coming and cause the gardener was doing stuff to other kids. The karner butterfly is an endangered sub species of small blue butterfly which was once found in significant number's in the miller beach community of the indiana dunes national park. The karner butterfly is important to the gardener by showing the them in happening to the butterfly in going to happen to human kind. in butterflydont help stopthe desraster everything on earth.The setting of the story of melby falls, trodyn and portland. melby falls is a small town in the middle of know where trodyn is a place where scientist work on kids in the project.okay the climate change also affects world temperature is the weather is more extreme its difficult to grow food crisis of rise of hunger hunger and manufacters that happens sharply. Dear future generations im sorry by prince E. A in talking about how are next generations are going to have trouble living is we dont stop and clean up our acts of making earth cleaner for us and our children after us. In both the gardener by SA. bodeen and dear generations by prince ER both the authors discuss the seven generations principle. soloman did a experiment on humans so they could photo synthesis and they wont have to eat or drink they got their food from the sans radiations because we are bull dozing all the tressand having their animals have to go to a other place for extinct there for we have less animals hurt this will effect the next 7 generations by not letting how we dont hurt and see the beautiful animals.

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