Kiss Our Class Goodbye!


I smile as my childhood best friend, that I consider a sister,
walks across the stage to receive her diploma.
I look back at all the moments we shared these past years,
and tears of joy roll down my cheeks as I realize how far we have come.
I glance towards the bleachers and observe the excited crowd,
where I see many happy strangers proud of my fellow classmates.
I am anxiously waiting for my name to be called out,
when I become aware that I am only one person away from reaching a milestone.
When I hear my name being announced
My heart starts pounding,
My hands are sweating,
and my legs are shaking.
I proudly stand up, and walk towards obtaining my diploma.
An accomplishing feeling washes over me as i grasp that high school has come to an end.
Everything happened so fast,
and just like that a new chapter is about to begin.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

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3 years ago