Final Project
By: Max Spitzer

Movie Poster Review

I think this is a good movie poster and will want to make people to go to the movie. For one this it has nice big bold text in a font that is a little different and makes it kind of stand out on the poster. Another thing that I like about the poster is it has nice large images, but is not really shocking. I also like how they mentioned the actors Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman because they are two really big and well known actors and they might make me want to go to the movie just because they are just in it. The other think that makes this a good movie poster is the color of the background with the dark earth and the bright white light of the sun and it really makes the images and words pop off the page. I never got to see the movie but this poster makes me with I would have. this is why I think this is a good movie poster.

Should smaller theme parks try to be like bigger ones(Like Disney)?

I think that people would not like that as much, because one reason people like to go to smaller theme or amusement parks is to get away from the crowds a little, so it is easier to get to rides and the lines are not as long in everything. For me that is why I would go to a smaller amusement park and I think I would like it, because it would make the experience just that much better for me. Also if people wanted to go to bigger amusement parks or feel like they were at one I would just go to a big main stream amusement park because they probably have better rides and better things all around, if you want to wait in a little longer time. I just think that if all amusement parks are all like bog main stream ones that some people will just say I would rather just stay at home.

Top Three Movie Marketing Strategies

1. I think the number one way to market new movies is to have TV commercials, because almost everyone I know watches TV at least once a day and you can pack a lot of information into a commercial that is only 30 seconds. Posters and stuff are good, but you cant get the same thing as a moving picture and the actual action you can put into it.

2. Social media sites, because you can have the actors or anybody post about the movie and could give people special features or updates they can only get on that site. On most social media sites let you post videos and pictures so you would be able to post the movie trailer on there so people could see it.

3. billboards, because there is so many people with cars and that can drive and with a billboard you can see it from a far ways away and when it is right on the road and a lot of people will see it when they drive by and if it is a good billboard it will get there atention and they will get a good look at it.

The most important things for a amusement parks success.

The thing that I like at amusement parks and why everyone goes there is to ride rides, so if you have really bad or boring rides I don't think that a lot of people will want to go to the amusement park, at least I wouldn't. Another thing is the location of your amusement park, because if your amusement park is in the middle of nowhere, people might not want to go there, for one with gas being the price it is people want the closest one to them so they don't waste gas. Also there is how much you are charging people to get into the park, because if your price to get in is way to high the costumer will just find a different park with better prices, but you also don't want to charge not enough, because if you don't make enough money to fund the park and have a little extra in profit your park will go done fast. I feel like these are the things that will make or break an amusement or theme park.

Movie Trailer Review

The movie trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in my opinion was a pretty good trailer. The trailer gave you enough information so you know what is going on, but still leaves you with some questions of how it ends and what actually happens in the movie. They showed you what I thought was the climax, when Captain America meets the Winter Soldier in the battle. I felt like they teased the plot line very well at more the end of the trailer with the fast clips and just showing what you need to see or what they want you to see. I also liked how they added just a little bite of humor in the trailer, because when I see a movie trailer or commercial for a movie it is always good to have a little humor in it. This is why I think this trailer is pretty good, and now I want to see the movie.

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