Decision Making

  Making good decisions a big part of life. If you make good decisions you will go far in life and be successful. If you make bad decisions you can still go far in life but it may take longer than an average person who makes good decisions. In my life I have been faced with many challenges. In high school many kids struggle with making good decisions because they are faced with obstacles such as pear pressure. Some kids make decisions as in eating healthy or eating non healthy. Other kids will skip class and others will go to class.

   Now days life is based on decision making. Like making a decision to go to college is a good decision and you will be successful and go far in life and have a carrer. Every decision making process will come out with  a final choice that may or may not prompt action. Decision making is based on the values and preferences of the decision maker. One person may believe in different things then the other person and there for there decision may be way different from the other persons.

   One bad decision good change everything in your life. One good decision good change everything in your life for the better. Some decisions in my life that I made have been good some have been bad. I think that I've learned not to skip class as often as I used to with my friends and to keep studying to get my grades up. Everyone in life makes mistakes but you have to make sure the mistake you are making is worth the conquence.

There's many processes to decision making hopefully people use them. Everyone should realize that they are always going to have to make decisions in life no matter what. Make sure they are good ones and try hard all the time.


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