Homefront Tackk

My name is Susan. I am with the Union and I am 24. I live at home with my husband, John. John is fighting for the North, so he is currently stationed in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is where I live:

July 20, 1862 (Day One)

I overslept this morning- the sun was almost all the way up in the sky by the time I woke up. I couldn't believe I had slept so late; now it was going to take me hours to milk the cows in the blistering heat. After I had finished that task, I took my work to the chicken coop, where I spent a few minutes checking the hens. We had lost eight more to the relentless coyotes. I know nothing of the crops, that is John's job. But while he is away, I go down to the fields every morning and make sure they are not infested with fleas. After I saw that they were fine, I went to go repair the horses' fence. It had been kicked over weeks ago. After I finished all of my morning activities, I went and made lunch for myself. After all, I have to keep my energy up. The baby is due in just months. After using up all of the flour, I decided to take a trip into town to the market. I donated a quarter to the Union's fund, they had collector's outside the market. Also, some of the Civil War nurses came up to the porch and asked for extra medical supplies. I happily obliged and gave them half of my extra gauze.

July 21, 1862 (Day Two)

Dear John,

I miss you. The baby has been kicking- I think it will be a boy. I have been think of names that we can discuss when you come home. Anyways, one of the most recent battles was in the paper today- The Battle of Cotton Plant. Were you deployed? I would feel better knowing that you are safe. At least it was a victory for the Union, right?

                                                 Love, Susan

July 22, 1862 (Day Three)

Today I woke up bright and early. When I rolled out of bed I had to ice my back; the baby is beginning to gain weight and bend me over. After my back was a little less sore, I had to get up and clean. I spent an hour finishing the extra dirty dishes, and another hour mopping the dusty wooden floors in the family room. My cleaning was interrupted by a sharp knock on the door; it was Union veterans asking for more money on for the soldiers to eat. I happily gave them a dollar. After I made my donation, I rode my favorite horse into town and stopped at the bookstore. Again, there was a war collector asking for donations, except this one wanted used books to keep the wounded soldiers busy. I bought an extra book to donate, then went to the market again and donated a box of eggs. I felt like I was really helping the Union's fight against the South.

July 23, 1862 (Day Four)

Dear Susan,

I miss you too Susan. It's been hard here, there's very little to eat and my fellow soldiers are getting impatient. However, I hunt for my own dinners, and I am perfectly fine. I will be home soon, I think the war might wrap up soon. And yes, I do hope it is a boy.

                                               Love, John

I was so exited to receive this letter from my husband! I'm overjoyed to know that he is definitely safe. I think that the baby is too; it has been kicking nonstop since I started talking about how John was almost home. I am still worried, because the First Battle of Murfreesboro was a loss. I must have hope. It will come to an end soon.

July 24, 1862 (Day Five)

      I have been thinking about politics lately. I'm not usually very interested, but I can't help thinking about the cause we are fighting for. Slavery is evil, and I cannot believe that anyone would ever participate in such a wicked thing.

               Abraham Lincoln's election is the best thing to happen to this country yet. We share his beliefs, and I have much faith in him. I truly believe that he will do great things for not just New York, but the entire Union.

                  I have much hope in Lincoln's decisions. I cannot wait for his plans to move into motion. I just want the wretched slavery trend to be stopped as soon as possible. I do not want my child to grow up in a world where the enslavement of other human beings is not only legal, but encouraged. It disgusts me.            

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