Jerry Springer & Steve Wilkos

Jerry Springer... I'll admit, is my favorite show.   I might possibly be loosing brain cells from this show.. Yup, I believe I am.  I just like watching people admit to cheating when their spouse already knew.  Or when the purpose to their significant other and they accept it and THEN admit they cheated.  Lol, my favorite is when a man had sex with a "woman" and want to get to know them better but turns out she's a man.  I literally feel like brain cells are disintegrating from my head.

I was watching one the other day and a guy came on the show and wanted to meet this girl in person that he met on Instagram and she was MAN. LOL. I'm sorry, but I do find that funny.

But in the long run, I do feel the pain these people go through because they had actual feelings for these people and then they get played along the whole time.

Steve Wilkos

Steve..oh steve. The one that throws chairs around when he's pissed, the one who tells people to get the hell out of his studio, and the one that laughs at people stories... you literally can't make it up. Steve finds out the truth behind murders, rapists, and cheaters. From someone who was born in Chicago and was a police officer and he came a long way, is someone I respect. People disrespect him on his stage but they're upset because the truth came out.