Homefront Tackk

Name: Buck Buchanan    Side: Confederate
      Age: 22                              From: North Carolina
I was split from my real family at birth. I live with my Aunt Busse in her two-story, 500 acre plantation. My brother, I think, Bill Joel is in the Union Army and is stationed in Dover, DE.

September 18, 1862

          Today I woke up and fed the hens on the eastern quadrant of the plantation. Usually Janita, the slave, does it but she has been fighting the influenza and we want her to rest and get healthy again. The hens laid some eggs, so I collected them for breakfast. It is only me, my aunt, and my uncle who live on the plantation, besides the slaves of course.

I also had some eggs left over, so I went uptown and donated the eggs into the nonperishable bucket. Then I ran to the local drug store to pick up some aspirins for Janita. After lunch I decided to go over to my neighbor's house to see if he needed help moving in. Strange enough, he wasn't there. But one thing I do know is that his last name is Longstreet. I saw if I could help anyone, and then found someone. It was my buddy Darren and his dad. They needed help forging some gun barrels for the invasions by the Union. Next, I went home and took a nap on the porch because crafting tools is not easy. Finally, I gathered everyone on the plantation to the front porch and led us in a prayer to thank the lord for our well being and the hope that Janita will be strong again.

September 19, 1862

        Today Aunt Busse and Uncle Pat sat me down and told me that I have a brother, two to be exact. They told me that his name is Billy Joe, but there was one problem, he is a Union Soldier. So, I decided to write him a little letter.

        Dear Brother,

      You may not know me by heart, but by soul I bet you do. I'm Buck Buchanan, your brother. I live in North Carolina outside the city of Raleigh with my Aunt and Uncle, but to you, complete strangers. Today I was finally told about you and wanted to know why you fight in these wars. Why do you continue to battle us everyday until something is settled? Today I have also heard of the Battle of Antietam. Are you apart of this?

I read the newspaper this morning and heard about this war. The news headliner read: GREAT FIGHT AT SHARPSBURG. Please give me more insight on the battle.

                                                                                                Sincerely, Buck Buchanan.

September 20, 1862

        Today I shipped my letter to my brother and grabbed a bit of food from the market, mostly so it could go to the war. We also had to let some of our slaves join the army to help our chances at winning the Civil War. Uncle Pat didn't like the idea of it, but Aunt Busse said they would come back after they'd win.

So after I got the slave news, I went back to my neighbor's house only to see that he was still gone, but this time there was a letter on his door. I didn't read it, but it says that his first name is James. With the slaves being drawn into the war, we needed more hands around the house. I began my duty as the cow-milker. Once that was done, Aunt Busse also gave me the job of cleaning the dishes, so I did just that. Then it was about noon-ish when I realized I had to sign up for the Confederate Army. I am 22, but I have been holding off signing up since my 18th birthday. After that I sheared the sheep and had some fun with the wool. Finally, I came home only to find another letter for me, It was from my brother.

September 21, 1862

          Today, I opened the letter from my brother, it read:

Dear Buck,

        I am your brother Billy Joe. I am a Union Soldier stationed in Dover, DE.

I am traveling at the moment to get to Shepherdstown for a battle. We just got done with the Battle of Antietam. Your other brother, Bob, said he will visit you after the war is over.

Sincerely, Billy Joe

I showed this to Aunt Busse and Uncle Pat and they knew about them. I asked them why we never saw them before, but all they said was "We are the South, they are the North."

September 22, 1862

         Today, President Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation. This stated that all slaves in the rebellious states were declared free. Uncle Pat respected President Lincoln, and let our slaves go. It was a terrible loss, but we knew that Lincoln would appreciate it.

          Our entire town had mixed emotions over the proclamation. Many said that Lincoln should have kept the slaves in the South and keep two different countries. But many others also said he should have let go of slavery for ever and let it be the past.

          The day was terrible, but I figured out who my neighbor was. It was General James Longstreet. He was the general for the Battle of Antietam. No wonder he wasn't home!

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