When People Steal Your Ideas

-Nyla Paige Ballard-

When People Steal YPur Ideas

It's really frustrating when someone steals your ideas or work. You tell your friends or surrounding viewers about your plans/ideas, but then later that surrounding viewer or friend repeats the same exact thing. Although you are annoyed by the taking of your idea, make sure you have a plan of what to do, or whats best to do.

For starters when people steal your ideas make sure that you take advantage of the difference between talking and doing. When someone steals your idea and call it their own, they are now out of moves. In other words people who steal ideas don't typically have the capacity to do anything about them. They max out at recognizing and repeating a good idea.

When people steal your ideas make sure that one has communicated about its work. You have to stand up for your ideas, your work, and creativity that you came up with not your friends, or surrounding viewer. When you do something good, you need to make sure that you create positive visibility for that work with the people who care about it. By staying invisible you are just inviting your ideas and your deserves recognition to be stolen by others.

Last but not least, when people steal your ideas you just have to realize that when people steal ideas that they are often followers. They are a product of the passion and vision you have displayed to them. They may often get passionate about the idea for a few days, but that passion will surely fade almost instantly once they realize the difficulties that lie ahead. Since an idea is just a snapshot, they will often lose passion/energy once they find themselves lost as to what lies beyond that one snapshot.

An idea is just a small snapshot, even if someone steals your precious idea, they cant steal the more important resources plus skills that aren't apparent in the context of that very small snapshot. When people steal your idea there are ways to handle them, but sometimes its just better to shrug it off.