Reinventing Writing:
Early Childhood Multimodal Instructional Strategies

by Lauren Burrow and Shaunna Smith

This presentation will discuss a variety of multimodal strategies that early childhood teachers can use to help young students become confident storytellers. The majority of the presentation is devoted to the following hands-on challenge:

As a group, create a Haiku Deck with at least 5 slides that tells a story about the life of an English teacher.

    1. PLAN with concept maps to create a story arc
    2. ACT OUT the topic and take photos with our iPad
    3. WRITE about the photos
    4. CONNECT WORDS & IMAGES - EDIT your writing in Haiku Deck by choosing the most powerful words to go with photos

Please view our full presentation from NCTE 2013 and contact us if you have questions or comments.

Lauren Burrow, University of Memphis & Shaunna Smith, Texas State University

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