Registered Nurse

This is the symbol of a RN,

This is the symbol of a Registered Nurse

This is a stethoscope a stethoscope is were they check your heartbeat and make sure everything is okay with your heart. (breathing wise)

This tools is used to take people blood pressure.

Most RN have clipboards to write down whats wrong with the patient, also put height and weight and all other basic information.

A RN is just a more educated nurse, that helps with a lot of medical cases along aside the doctors!

A RN is just a more educated nurse, A RN helps with A lot of big medical cases


A RN is responsible to make sure that every patient is taking care off and all the information is down on the piece of paper.


-January 27th is School Nurse Day  

- The New England Hospital for Women and Children, established in 1862, was the first school for nursing in the U.S.

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