Southwest Indians

Brodie Vinson Ms. Simon class

All three of these are Southwest Native Americans artifacts

The housing are called pueblos they are made of adobe (A type of clay that hardens like cement) and are apartment like. All pueblos only have one room a terrace and a outdoor kitchen (on terrace)

The clothing is a dress woven from cotton that the women wear to protect them from the scorching heat and the freezing cold during the day and night.

The clay pot is used for storing water because days were so dry and hot the Indians had to carry these around so that won't die of dehydration or heat stroke.

The poisonous snake is a animal from the Southwest it is very dangerous. The venom of poisonous snakes is composed of neurotoxins (attack nervous system) and/or hemotoxins (attack circulatory system ). In many snakes the left lung is reduced or absent. Venom of poisonous snakes is 90% protein

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