T. Bulluck

After collecting my data I graphed it as shown below. From the data I collected I came to the conclusion that the individuals who had to drive longer distances had a lower level of satisfaction.

-The most important problem that I gathered from my information is that if those who have to drive longer distances had a quicker way of transportation their level of satisfaction would increase.

-My solution to this problem is providing every tax paying family with a "Scoot-Mobil" a one-seated form of transportation coming in all colors and sizes. The Scoot-Mobil is an egg-shaped vehicle that goes up to 75 miles per hour. The way the Scoot-Mobil works is almost like a railroad track except its an invisible magnetic wire that runs along the sides of the roads. Every Scoot-Mobil can only run in a certain time frame to increase traveling speed and productivity. There is no driving required for the Scoot-Mobil its is driven by a gps, you type in the address insert the amount of time in which you need to be at your destination then sit back and enjoy the ride. This is also convenient because in this spare time you could be doing last minute homework or even taking your morning selfies. There are endless pssibilities with the Scoot-Mobil coming to a DMV near you.

Above is a graph of the possible changes that a surveyed group said they would want. Out of the 12 suggested changes the first change that I would make is including more comfortable seats.

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