Cyber Security Field Trip

By Drew Dehmer

At Coastline Community college Mike Good spoke to us about computer security and his Experiences at Cisco. He explained to us that the decisions we make now, going to college and choosing the right one, will impact the rest of our lives. He also explained that if we don't make the right decisions now, we could end up spending fifteen years trying to do what we could have done in four. He stated that he enjoyed his job and was proud to work for Cisco

Anil Pattni showed us that not everyone that can hack is doing it for the wrong reason. And that Hacking just describes modifying someone else's code. Anil showed us what younger students were creating to benefit society, such as a three layer security for access to private buildings using off the shelf equipment. He also showed us what they were doing at OC hackerz and the many resources available to the students there.

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