The Mongols

In 960 the Mongols came around to take power. With there rulers Xiongnu, Genghis Khan and Zunghar Khanate, the empire split into four sections. They had a very strong army that was very spread out. The Mongols allowed any religion or belief and adopted Islam into their empire. They were the first ones to make gunpowder as well the magnetic compass.

This is a picture of the Magnetic Compass that the Mongols would have used.

                                                             Yuan Dynasty

In 1279 the Yuan Dynasty rose to power. With there ruler Kublai Khan they adopted Chinese culture. The capital was present day Beijing. Only Non-Chinese could hold a government post. They focused on better roads so that trading was easy. They shipped primarily rice from southern China. Foreign trade increase a lot, very good for the economy.

This is a picture of "Trade Day." The day where they would go to the market place and get goods.