Do different social classes in Ancient Egypt have different houses?

The upper class was wealthier than everyone else and had the best houses.

The upper class were all the rich landowners, government officials, high-ranked priests, army officials, doctors, and the royal family. Their walls were colored, with high, small windows. Their houses were two stories high and were close together. Their houses either opened to a street or a walled garden. Inside, the floors were covered with straw matting and rugs. They had beds, chairs, stools, but no tables. Clothes were kept in a box chest or in a basket. Laundrymen washed them in the river.

The middle class had pretty basic homes.

The middle class was made up of merchants, manufacturers, craft-workers, lawyers,teachers, physicians, farmers, and small business people. Their wealth was in the middle. They had pretty basic homes, they were not as poor as the lower class, but was not as wealthy as the upper class. Their walls were colored and the main room in the house was the kitchen.

This is a very famous and special temple in Ancient Egypt.

The lower class was made up of all the people who were unemployed. This was the largest populated social class. Everyone had a chance to move up, by being upgraded or getting a job. People from the lower class can move up to the middle class and people from the middle class can move up to the upper class. The lower class's houses had an opening in the roof to get in and out and smoke from a fire could get out. Their houses were small and simply decorated. Reed mats covered the floor. In their houses, the kitchen was also the biggest room in the house. In the lower class's kitchens was only a oven and a mill for grounding flour.

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