Loren Eiseley

by : Emily Darr


      Do you want to know more about Loren Eiseley and what he did to change the world? Do you know what an anthropologist is?                    

          Loren was a courageous fighter even when he got tuberculosis in college. He kept going and fighting through it to get his Bachelor’s Degree, Masters, and Ph.D.

What Was His Early Life Like?

Loren Eiseley was born September 3, 1907. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and lived on the edge of town because his family was very poor. Loren had a very unhappy childhood and spent little time at his home. Although he went to a public school, Loren had few friends.

Loren’s mother Daisy was beautiful. She was an untaught prairie artist. Daisy was deaf; locked in a silent world. She became deaf sometime in her childhood. Daisy stomped on the ground when she tried to communicate with Loren making it stressful and unhappy.

More About His Early Life...

Loren’s father Clyde was a salesman and worked long hours. During the time when Clyde was free he was a Shakespearean actor which gave Loren a love of writing.

Loren’s aunt and uncle also opened up their home to help Loren financially and took him to Morrill Hall because he loved fossils.

Even More About His Early Life...

He started doing everything he could to learn more about fossils like reading books about them. When he was 6 he told his teachers that he wanted to be a nature writer.

Loren sometimes went for walks in the countryside and loved to explore caves, ponds, and the woods.

What Was His Adult Life Like?

Loren was a very good student and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Then Loren got tuberculosis. Loren decided to keep learning although he had tuberculosis and then got his Masters Degree.

In 1937 Loren earned his Ph.D. But then Loren’s father Clyde died and Loren chose to drop out of school. Loren became a teacher. He taught Anthropology at the University of Kansas and Oberlin. Loren was a professor of Anthropology from 1961-1977. Anthropology is the scientific study of humans. He also was an anthropologist himself.

Loren also loved to write books and poems about fossils also nature. He studied rocks and dug up fossils. Loren wrote more than 10 books.

More About His Adult Life...

Loren was married to Mabel Langden in 1938. Loren’s health began to fail when Halley’s Comet almost hit earth for the 2nd time. Loren died in the hospital from cancer. Loren died July 9th, 1977 in Philadelphia. Loren was only 69 when he died. In less then 2 months would have been his 70th birth-day. Loren was buried next to his wife Mabel.

Both of their headstones say:"We Loved The Earth But We Could Not Stay."


Loren became an American anthropologist and science writer. Did you know that Loren Eiseley created the Giving Society of the Penn Museum? That is where Loren worked till he died in 1977. He was the creator of Early Man exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum. The Early Man exhibit is about the cave man. He took care of the prehistoric section of the museum


Loren had an amazing life you could say. Despite the fact that he had a bad childhood and a mom who was deaf, he did some really cool things for the world. Loren was the curator of Early Man at the University of Pennsylvania’s museum. He even helped and worked at the Penn Museum.


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