4th Grade Adaptation Project


  1. Create a unique organism (plant or animal), and fill in all the blanks in the assignment template.
  2. Build a 3D model of your organism OR draw an ABCD drawing (click the button below for more details).

Due Date

You will present your creation to the rest of your class on Monday, November 17 during Science Lab. ** This project is not homework. **

Turn It In:

  1. On the right side of your screen, click on the 4th button to the right (the one that looks like 3 sliding buttons).
  2. Make sure the word "public" is blue.
  3. Where it says Tackkboards write CESadaptations2015. Make sure it is spelled correctly! You may want to copy and paste the bolded text above to make sure you get everything!
  4. When the right side of your screen looks like the picture below, click the green "Publish Tackk" button in the bottom, right.

Need Help with the Classification?

If your organism does not fit into any of those categories, it might be an invertebrate.Invertebrates could be things like snails, slugs, squids, oysters, clams, octopus, earthworms, star fish, sea cucumbers, jellyfish, coral, sea anemones, etc. Invertebrates do not have bones.

Other Classification Hints:

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