Life Recipe

Jenna Fogelsonger
April 16th, 2014

As the yolk-filled shell was lightly cracked upon
the glass brim,
the crack was as if a cry.
The yolks life began.

The hasty yellow circle slipped and slid in the bowl,
in awe of the surroundings.
The yolk had eyed a tinted yellow rectangle
filled with carbs,
which was slapped into the bowl.
A spinning metal hand was set into the bowl.
The yolk and butter were combined together.
There wasn't two objects in the bowl anymore,
only one.

This change,
was as if a baby changing into a toddler.
This change was new to the yolk.

All of a sudden,
sweet snowflakes,
white thick powder,
and chunks of chocolate kisses,
rained down within the mixture.

What was happening?

A change again?


The metal hand reappeared as it revolved and mixed
every new ingredient together.

Chocolate kisses, sugar, and flour
had made the mixture
have different
and emotions,
almost like a change between age,
growing up,
to something different.

The yolk had been just a petite young
who flourished with characteristics.
From a single yolk to dough.

shaped with devoted hands,
set into a oven to transform into
their own individual persona.

It only takes a brief moment to transform
into something new.

Change is easy.
Change is easy.

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