K-12 mLearning Options

5 Mobile Apps

1. Grammaropolis

What is it? Is both a website, book, cd and app that educates studnents by introducing, teaching and reviewing grammar.

How it is used? Grammaropolis can be used by teachers that shows descriptions for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions. It is done in a fun, engaging and invigorating way by including character descriptions as well as a catchy tune. This would make students attention span when learning about something as tedious as a conjunction.

2. Google Maps

What is it? It is an application that gives students a 360 panoramas view of just about any landscape that interests them.

How it is used? It is used because it helps the students connect in a big way. For example if the students are learning about the native american's in the Rocky Mountains they could explore how big and how many mountains there were to help them connect to the stories and concepts better.

3. Kindle

What is it? Kindle is a great app that allows people to have multiple books, newspapers, magazines on the same device.

How it is used? This is huge because it allows students the convenience to be able to connect to all the different things they need to on the same device. It enables multi tasking and multi resources that are integrated in learning so much easier and achievable. For example if students needed to do math, social and biology homework during their spare they could easily switch between the subjects on the kindle.

4. Ted Talks

What is it? Ted Talks are videos that constantly deliver meaningful messages and arguments on highly debated/ highly educating topics.

How it is used? This is a great application for students to establish a better understanding on issues that are currently highly important in the education field. It will give them a better understand and allow them to shape their own opinion on what they feel about the concept or issue at play. For example students could search up current events so that could contribute to discussions in social class.

5. Twitter

What is it? Twitter is a social media application that allows people to share their work and collaborate with people easily from all over the globe.

How it is used? Twitter is great because it is an application that you can shape to your own needs. You can discover resources on just about any other education topic out there. This will help you either contribute, collaborate or just absorb educational knowledge that will further aid and progress the students learning. For example if students were assigned to find the rules of rugby they could use twitter to get them to a resource that would explain the rules in a simple way.

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