why do we have constellations?

Rome and greek created everything that we have like the vocabulary the words and more but they made consolation they put the lengend like the gods mysthical creature and monsters they put the lengds that they did like perseos he cut medusas head and put it on the left hand and the weapond on the other one.

Rome and greek put seasonds on the consolation like the auntum seasond and the winter seasond. each seasond  have there own consolation the auntum seasond have pegasus,taurus,perseous and more.

Rome and greek have other name for gods greek names for god is zeus there name put rome the planets name like jupiter is zeus.if you see a planet and the sky that can make the consolation of the gos or mysthical creatures.

Every constollation have diffrent shape like pegasus it have a square shape to maked him put some have diffrent shape and some i dont no.

Some constolation you have in the kichen like the big and small diper but greek and rome put bears on it if you see the big and small diper that can make the bears the big one and the little one to the hands of The dippers is the Tail of the bears.

Every consolation have there on legend like perseus zeus sent him to kill one of the tree gorgons and that is medusa but some one gave him a polish sheil but theres a legend that if you see medusa and the eyes you will turne in to stone but medusa see her reflection she turn in to stone and taht how he diffiteded medusa.

But thers a three headed dragon that is call hydra if you cut his head hiter one 3 more will grow back and it will be difecull to difiet him.

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