Water Bowl

Bruiser Woods

Bruiser's Stats

  • Breed: Mastiff
  • Location: Parma Heights, OH
  • Age: 10
  • Favorite Treat: Pizza/Ice Cream
  • Favorite Toy: Fleece Baby
  • Favorite Pastime: Napping and Tanning

Hi!  My Name's Bruiser.  But my Mom calls me Boo, Bear, Boo Bear, Bruise, Bruzee, Woods, Woodsy, King, Happiness, and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now.  I have been told that I am THE most handsome mastiff and possibly, THE most handsome dog, in the world.  Mom may be a little biased, but I sure do get lots of attention with my regal, good looks.

Some call me spoiled, but I just consider myself very loved.  Mom has been accused of treating me better than some people treat their children.  That's probably true because afterall, I am more like a person than like a dog.  Only couches, beds, and pillows will do (god forbid I have to sit on the floor), my favorite foods are pizza and ice cream (dog treat?!  Yeah right!), and my favorite pastimes are napping and tanning (with Mom of course).  

My Mom and I are the absolute BESTEST friends in the whole wide world!  We live for each other and are pretty much attached at the hip.  If you see Mom's white Scion cruisin' around town, odds are that I'm in the back seat!  We wouldn't have it any other way!  I'm the luckiest dog EVER!

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