Tuskegee Airmen

Hannah Dutton, Anna Kate Herring, 4th

*The Tuskegee Airmen were the first Aferican American pilots.

*They served in World War 2.

*Before they formed the 322nd fighter group.

*They were also the 477th bombardment group in the USA

*They were known as the red tails

*1,000 or more black men were trained at Tuskegee in 1941-1946

*There were 996 original airmen, these were pilots,navigators,and bombardiers.

*66 died in combat

*They won 850 medals

*33 were prisoners of war

*They destroyed 251 enemy aircrafts

*They formed in 1941

*84 airmen were killed over seas in World War 2

*They battled Nazism and Fascism in the skies over North Africa and Europe.

*They painted the tails of their P-51s bright red,

*They never lost a bamber

*They sank a German destroyer using only their machine guns.

*They flew 15,533 sorties between May, 1943 and June 9, 1945.

*The US Congress which stated that all Americans males between the age of 21 and 36 had to register for the draft.

*There were 450 pilots who served in combat overseas.

*More than 10,000 black men and women served as their vital support personnel.

*Operations, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

*They disabled more than 600 box cars, locomotives and rolling stock.

*For every pilot, there were at least 10 black men and women on the ground in support roles

*They were trained at Chanute Field, Illinois




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