Welcome to Canada!

10 Provinces, 3 Territories

Canadians speak French and English fluently.

Despite the fact that English and French are the most spoken languages in Canada, there are many Canadians from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds. In 1988, Canada passed a law known as the "Canadian Multiculturalism Act" to enhance multiculturalism in Canada.

Queen Elizabeth is head of state but has no power in Canada

Quebec-Windsor Corridor is one of the ways to transport goods. To which serves 60% of the country's population.

Prime Minister of Canada

Stephan Harper, Elected 2006

The prime minister, who is the cabinet of the Executive Branch, is elected by the citizens of Canada.

In order to be granted asylum in Canada as a refugee, a person must be outside his or her home country and have a well founded fear of prosecution.


Quebec is where the French culture and language is most known.

Canadian National Identity

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