Mate: Bramblestar

Kit: Unnamed Kit

Father: FireStar

Mother: Sandstorm

Sister: Leafpool

Foster Sons: Lionblaze and Jayfeather

Foster Daughter: Hollyleaf

Mentor: Dustpelt

Apprentices: Foxleap, Stormcloud, and Rosepetal

Squirrelflight is a small, light-framed, flame-colored dark ginger she-cat with brilliant, forest green eyes, one white paw, short legs, a torn ear tip, sturdy muscles, glossy fur, and a long, squirrel-like, bushy tail.

Amberpaw carrying a huge bundle of wet moss to the elders' den, and tells her not to bring it there. She joins the other cats after Brightheart's patrol returns to tell them about ShadowClan'sscent inside their territory. Squirrelflight is chosen by Bramblestar to visit ShadowClan, along with Brackenfur and Cinderheart. When they are on their way, Squirrelflight suggests to Bramblestar about doubling the patrols and hunting more by the border, and he agrees. Squirrelflight is also happy to see Leafpool checking on the catmint at the abandoned Twoleg nest. When Blackstar denies that his cats were in ThunderClan's territory, Squirrelflight asks if they don't know ShadowClan scent when they smell it. Squirrelflight also reveals to Bramblestar she doesn't trust Ratscar, for he was in the Dark Forest. She and her patrol head back to their border without being escorted, when Littlecloud emerges behind them. He asks the patrol how their medicine cats are doing, and Squirrelflight replies, but Bramblestar interrupts her. She is told by Bramblestar that they have to stick to their own Clans.

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