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So I don't fear that "Titan" won't be a success. Instead, I fear that the release date of the game will be delayed. Blizzard typically releases games when they are done rather than following strict deadlines. So while the expected release date is 2014, I think there are reasons why the game could come out later. We haven't seen any footage of the game yet, and before the first footage of the game shows up it will typically take another one to two years before the game is released. "Titan," however, might be different from other Blizzard game such "Diablo" and "Starcraft." "Titan" buy runescape 2007 gold should be a huge profit generator, while "Diablo" and "Starcraft" cause cannibalism in the "WOW" subscriber numbers (which could incentivize Blizzard to delay or lower the priority of those games).

Buyers and Cellars quest, released to RuneScape April 28, 2010, is a quest short in time and beginner level in difficulty. Buyers and cellars quest provides an introduction and training facilities for new RuneScape members who are starting out training the thieving skill. In addition, higher leveled RuneScape players will enjoy the capers that come after completion of Buyers and Cellars oldschool runescape gold quest. These subsequent capers, From Tiny Acorns caper, Lost Her Marbles caper, and Guild of Our Own caper require higher thieving levels and unlock more of the Thieves' Guild. This article will focus on a walkthrough of the basic quest, Buyers and Cellars. This guide is archived. See RuneScape Quest guides main hub page for links to guides of recently released and other quests.

Personally I got accustomed to the newer rs 2007 gold PVP options found them more engaging so i was happy either way even if my drop value is still down the gameplay value is up. Perhaps a better idea would be for them just to rework there current offerings instead of going back to the old ways.

Maple logs in F2P must be bought from the grand exchange or rs07 gold other players. RuneScape F2P players with level 30 Dungeoneering can chop maple in the Daemonheim Penninsula Resource Dungeon. Maple logs when burned grant 135 firemaking experience, but are somewhat more costly than willow logs. Many RuneScape players chose to burn maple logs to save on clicking.


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Time: 4 hours

Skills: Level 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, 30 Ranging


  • 735 ranged xp

  • 1,470 cooking xp

  • 262 fletching xp

  • Ogre bow, ability to fletch Ogre arrows, ability to cook Chompy birds and hunt them for cool hats (See Chompy Hunting Guide).

Quest points gained upon completion:2

Tips, tricks & notes:

  • You can kill any wolf in RuneScape to get wolf bones. If you are unable to kill a level 64 Wolf, you can kill the level 25 Wolves on White Wolf Mountain.
  • One player reported difficulty opening the chest to get the bellows, receiving a lack of strength message. Using a potion (went from 48 to 55) worked. Jagex does not list a strength requirement, but other fansites have noted this issue.

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