Steel-Tipped Plow

Teigan S.

1.) The steel-tipped plow is a invention that was created in 1837 by John Deere. It was used on farmlands and on plantations. Many farmers used the plow to help them cultivate their soil.

2.) The plow was created in 1837. John Deere was noticing that the wood plows weren't working on the farms because the soil was different in the West, so he created the steel-tipped plow to help farm the land.

3.) The steel-tipped plow is a plow that has a metal tip on it with a wood handle. It is used to break up the soil when farmers are farming their land. The soil had bigger rocks in it and it was more compacted than the soil in the South.

4.) A positive effect the plow had on the U.S. was that the farmers could plow their fields in about 8 hours. According to the article The Impact of John Deere's plow, before John Deere created the plow people were plowing their fields in 96 hours. The fields were only an acre.

5.) The steel-tipped plow works by the steel part in the back called the plowshare that pushes the soil and separates it. The moldboard kept the soil from staying on the plowshare. The handle allows the operator to push the plow and keep it in a straight line. The plow is pulled by a horse or an ox.

6.) Today's version of the plow is a farm cultivator. Its the same idea as a steel-tipped plow but it had multiple plows instead of just one. With these plows you can plow an acre of land in about 3.5 minutes according to the article The Impact of John Deere's Plow. With the first plow you could do one acre in 96 hours.

7.) The impact in advanced technology the steel-tipped plow had on the conflict between the Northern and Southern parts of the United States was the slaves worked on the plantations and farms and they were plowing the fields so that new crops could be planted in the soil. Also according to Travis Denham "the Industrial Revolution created a need and an ability for people to move into cities and work in factories, therefore leaving less people on the farms." The Industrial Revolution allowed the plow to be manufactured a lot faster than it would have years earlier. Since the fields could be plowed faster then there would be more crops being produced and that made the food production increase. With more food being produced the society got healthier and began to grow.

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